How to Use an Automatic Watch Winder Properly


As you may already know, an automatic watch needs an automatic watch winder to keep it alive when you are not wearing it. The question is, how to use a watch winder exactly? Here are steps that you should take to use a watch winder properly.


Consult Your Watch Manufacturer.

The most important thing to do before you actually buy a watch winder is checking your watch’s manual or contacting its manufacturer. Specific watches, especially premium watches like Rolex watches, usually need a very specific watch winder that will work for them. If you buy the wrong watch winder, you may find difficulty adjusting the winder to match your watch’s operation.


Manually Wind Your Watch.

An automatic watch winder cannot wind a watch that already stops functioning. You should manually wind the watch first by turning its crown about 30 times.


Place the Watch on the Winder

Place the watch on the winder carefully. Refer to the winder’s manual concerning the right position of the watch on the winder.


Experiment with TPD and Rotation Direction Settings.

This is a necessary step, especially if you cannot get a hint about the right watch winder from either the manufacturer or the manual. The TPD and rotation direction setting adjustment is done for the experimental purpose to find the right winder settings for your watch. For the TPD setting, you can start with the lowest number and for the rotation direction setting, you have three options: bidirectional, clockwise only, and counterclockwise only.


Check Your Watch after Two Days.

With the correct setting, your watch should be still alive after two days sitting on your automatic watch winder. If it stops functioning, you can change the setting by increasing the TPD number or by switching between the three rotation direction modes. If your watch remains alive after you set a specific TPD number and rotation direction, you get the correct setting. Keep with this setting whenever you need to store your automatic watch on your watch winder.



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