Admission requirements for study in Germany for Indonesian

If you wish to study in Germany for Indonesian, there are several admission that needs to be complete before applying. The admission is also known as “hochschulzugangsberechtigung” or also known as a university entrance qualification. This is the school-leaving certificate that qualifies you to university study.

  •    Direct access / international school certificates. In condition you gain school leaving certificate in an international school or from another country, then it needs to check.
  •    Indonesian school certificate and “studienkolleg”. Indonesian school leaving certificate is not accepted as German University qualification. Therefore, direct admission to German Universities is not possible. To gain the admission, Indonesian student should pass the qualification assessment test that also called as “feststellungsorufung”.  The common way to prepare the qualification assessment test is to attend the preparatory course “Studienkolleg”. This is one year course that designed for preparing applicants for academic studies in Germany. For Indonesian student, studienkolleg is located in Jakarta. The qualification test will take in a written and oral test. Get detail information about the test by check the DAAD website.
  •    2 years of studying in Indonesia. The other admission is you also fulfill the conditions as a requirement to study in Germany for Indonesian, if you already success study in Indonesia university for 2 years.
  •    Admission for postgraduates and international study program. A most academic degree that accredited at the state or state-recognized university is accepted in Germany as well. There is no assessment test that needed if you want to apply admission for postgraduate courses.
  •    Requirements for study program and university. As for Indonesian, if you are fulfilling the formal conditions to study in Germany, and then you also should consider the particular requirements from the chosen program.  These are requirements and application procedures that can vary from each university and even from degree program to degree program. You can increase the opportunity for success admission by taking the test for academic studies (tests) or also join the preparatory classes.
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