Review of Studying German Literature

According to several sources, it is said that more than 100 million people from all over the world use German Language in German Universities to communicate and around 20 million people from the whole world learn German Language. So, it is safe to say that German Language is one of the important languages in communication in the international world. In Europe, German Language is used as a native language in several countries besides Germany itself. For example, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxemburg. This makes German Language included as one of 12 most commonly used languages in the world.

From the explanation above, it is quite enough to be a reason to take German Literature as a major in the college.

What is German Literature?

The subject learned in the study program of German Literature is the German Language itself, from listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Moreover, college students will also study German literature, linguistics, and translation. Those studies then consist of various deep courses, such as German cultural knowledge, phonology, morphology, discourse analysis, syntax, German prose, and many more. It depends on whether linguistic science or literature science that is chosen by college students of German Literature.

When you study German Literature in Germany, there will be usually an event called Begrussung Party. It is a welcoming party that is purposed to welcome new college students of German Literature in every first school year. The goal of this event is to make the college students know each other as well as know their seniors and lecturers. In this party, it is a must for all of the college students to wear traditional German clothes.

Why Should You Study German Literature in Germany?

Germany is a country that really concerns about education. The government of Germany provides a lot of college scholarships in Germany such as DAAD. Moreover, there are also college scholarships provided by the European Union such as Erasmus. So, if you have a strong intention to study German Literature in Germany, you are able to fight for those college scholarships and make your dreams come true. The education cost in Germany is also pretty affordable compared to other European countries.

Once you have graduated from German Literature at a university in German, there will be a chance for you to get a job in the country. A great skill of German Language will make a person more productive and have plus value if they apply for a job in Germany.

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